52 Week Project: Week 25/52 { 1st Father's Day }

Being so incredibly busy and having a hard time figuring out what to get you, I thought why not a framed picture of the boys for daddy's first Father's Day gift? I figured you could have this at your toolbox at work or keep it here at home.

Matt, you have been such an incredibly loving and caring father from the moment they entered into this world. From helping with feedings/burping, diaper changes, baths and even just calming one down while I am either calming the other or nursing him, makes you the best twin daddy. You even make me lunch or dinner because of my troubles of finding the time to grab something to eat. Being twin parents is NOT easy, but we make a GREAT team, seriously. I am pretty proud of us and how far we have succeeded. We have our times of frustration and the stress is not fun whatsoever but we make it through. We have such good boys and we couldn't be any luckier.

We love you so much! Happy 1st Father's Day <3