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A Personal Post: An update on my father

I love my husband so incredibly much. He had planned to go hunting in Dushore this weekend with his friends. With the current condition my father is in and the photoshoots I have, he offered to take the boys off my hands (and my mother in law's) and enjoy the weekend up there with them and to obviously no longer hunt. I first said no. I couldn't imagine being home by myself  in peace and quiet from Thursday through Sunday. I have only been away from my boys over night, three times. The thought of it all freaked me out. The night he brought it up, I slept on it and realized in the morning that this was the best thing for me. I need to take this time to go be with my father, my mother and sister. Leave the house whenever I want to go see him, go to my shoots I have on Saturday..(I was also booked to second shoot a wedding with my friend Alyssa on Friday and we decided it was best for me to not work and to be with my dad). Thank goodness she already had a back up.. I need to take advantage of this. I am so incredibly stressed I have been clenching my teeth in my sleep this past week, I had to start wearing a night guard. I have had TMJ before because of stress. The chiropractor fixed me up though today ;)

The condition he is currently in seems to be the "disorientation" phase. When I saw him on Monday, he was rambling A LOT, saying things that were not making sense at all, like he was in a different world, talking to other people. Very fidgety as well.

Fast forward to today, he was sleeping a lot. Snoring. In and out of sleep. Barely speaking. He hasn't eaten anything since Monday. I held his hand a lot today and kept telling him I loved him, who was in the room at the moment (he had lots of guests) and I also started to play him music from his phone. He did open his eyes twice and looked at me but it wasn't for long..

Two o'clock rolled around and my mom and grandma left to go to the store. He woke up a little after they left and I gave him his medicine. I then held his hand and was rubbing his head, saying "I am taking pictures of us together, Dad." He faintly said "Ok."

Tonight, I packed up the boys things. Matt works until noon, then they will be leaving shortly after he is home. I am really looking forward to spending the next few days with my family, having no worries to rush home and worry about the boys. I will be missing them SO much though and I keep telling them that. This is going to be weird..but I know it is much needed right now. <3