Erin's Bedroom Session

I just met Erin last month at Isabel March's Photography workshop and her and I became friends ever since. We happen to have a lot in common and have the same shooting style. She is awesome and so easy to get along with! 
Erin has always wanted to do a bedroom session. She said to me, "I am finally going to push myself to do this!"
She asked me during the session if I could take a picture of her c-section scar to use for a blog post she has always been wanting to write. I didn't hesitate one bit and agreed to do this for her. This also motivated her to finally start creating her blog post called, My "Me Love".  During the session, she told me she fell in love with her body even more after having her little Hannah, and she now has the blog post up and ready to share with the world. It's a wonderful post and had a lot of shares on Facebook from her friends and followers and also mine. To read, visit here:
Here are some of my favorite images from her session!