1/365: The start of my 365 journey

For awhile now I have been telling myself I really need to start picking up the camera and taking pictures of my life and the world around me again, rather than just for my job. 
Today is the start of my 365 journey. What is project 365? I take one picture a day for a whole year.  I am so ready for this challenge! I have a friend Erin who is a photographer that is currently on her second 365, which I follow and you should too on her blog. It started to really inspire me and I've been chatting with her about it and decided to give it a go! I am ready to start documenting my life, the people and things in it that I love and the world that surrounds me. There are no rules and I can't wait for this to help me grow as a photographer. I leave for Boston tomorrow morning for the weekend so I cannot wait to share my images with you on Monday!
Here is the start of my story and I would love if you will follow along with me.
January 1, 2015: 1/365 - My husband made me the best breakfast he has ever made. Happy New Years! :)