Philadelphia Phillies

52 Week Project: 29/52

This evening, I felt like sharing two images with you!

On Saturday, our boys turned 3 months old and it happened to be mommy and daddy's first night out together since they were born. We celebrated my cousin Catie's 30th birthday by tailgating and watching the Phillies game! It was a blast and it was nice to be out for the evening. I did miss my babes though and was so happy to see them when we got home! Huge thanks to our sister in law Amanda for watching them! (This picture is taken with an iPhone).

Happy 30th Catie! I love you tons!



Today, I got to celebrate my good friend Jackie and her baby boy at her baby shower. She currently lives in San Diego, where she also met her man Gerald, who I also got to meet for the first time today! You look fantastic lady and you have the GLOW! I am so happy for you and you're going to be an amazing, cool mommy! So,  I had a shoot afterwards and had time to kill, so I stopped at my parents with the boys. They watched them while I had my shoot in town and before I left, I snagged this photo of my dad making Calvin smile. He was one happy boy!