Mother's Day

52 Week Project: Week 19/52 { My First Mother's Day }

My first Mother's Day was spent at my in-laws and it was the boys first time at Mom-Mom and Poppy's house. It was their first time out of the house in general besides being at doctors appointments!

Being an official twin mommy over the past three weeks since my boys have entered this world has been the most tiring, challenging, frustrating but overall, the most rewarding experience so far in my life. I wouldn't have it any other way. These boys are now my world and my life revolves around them 24/7 and I am quite alright with that. They already keep my husband and I on our toes from morning to night and will for the rest of our lives for sure. They are such good boys. How did we get so lucky? I have loved seeing them change over the past few weeks and can't believe they will be a month old in just seven days! Time sure does fly, especially being busy with newborn twins!

Their smiles and smirks on their cute little faces and their squeals and sounds make my heart melt.

I cannot wait until they start noticing and interacting with one another, hearing their giggles and seeing them continue to grow and develop into fine young gentlemen.

I love being a twin mommy. I wouldn't trade anything else in the world.

I love you to the moon and back, Preston and Calvin.

P.S. -  A HUGE thank you to family and friends who have brought us food, helped clean our home and just take care or watch the boys while I hopped in the shower or did something that had to be done. So thankful for such wonderful people in my life. Your help and care is greatly appreciated.