Maternity Leave

52 Week Project: Week 13/52 { My Maternity Leave }

This past week, I decided to take a self portrait in the warm weather we've been having. I was brave enough to throw on a maternity dress and show my bare, pasty white legs with a side of swollen ankles! I also had to force myself to get out there and do this, given this was the last warm day of the week. I was extremely tired and just wanted to be a couch potato! Lately, my energy has been decreasing and the combined weight of these boys has been taking a toll on my body. Those who really know me, before I was pregnant I was always on the go. I don't put off things that need to be done and it was always one thing after the next. Let's just say I love to stress myself out! I seriously think that is why I was gifted with twins, haha!!! So, I have been pretty active during this pregnancy. Non stop moving and bending certain ways at photoshoots and also doing things at home. A lot of my clients have told me during a shoot that they can't believe how I was getting in certain positions the way I was and constantly getting up and down! Yeah, I can't believe it either! Week13-3

This Wednesday, I will be 35 weeks so we have about 2 to 3 weeks left until the boys arrive (unless they decide to grace us with their presence on their own a bit earlier)! Basically, this post is about announcing my maternity leave for the months of April, May and only doing a select amount of shoots in June.  I am wrapping up two more shoots this week before April hits. I want to have the beginning of April to myself  to wind down, relax and begin the nesting process with the worry of no photoshoots, BUT I don't mind booking any shoots or weddings for the later months in the year! So to those who are interested in booking with me for any summertime, fall sessions or weddings, I recommend doing that now or you can wait until June to do so. Automated email and Facebook message responses will begin probably the second week of April. The month of May I will be completely off of work and June I have my first wedding and then will only accept select shoots to those who have baby bundles with me and anyone who won't mind having their shoot local to my home. July I plan to be back on board with more photo shoots, but of course, scheduling around the time of my boys needs and having someone to watch them is the new challenge! This will be all new to me and just want to throw this out there now, I do not know what to expect and thank you for cooperating with me, haha!

This will sure be a fun new adventure for our family, especially juggling the life of being a twin mama and also running my own business! I just want to thank everyone who has supported my husband and I during this pregnancy and to my clients, thank you so much for working with me and my scheduling during and also after this pregnancy. It means the world to me and I couldn't be more thankful to have such wonderful clients and people in my life.