52 Week Project - Week 8/52

This week has been filled with Matt and I balancing work, organizing the nursery and putting together the babies goodies we have received from the shower. On Saturday, Matt and I took a birthing class at the hospital from 9am to 4:30pm. It was a LONG day but the class really educated the both of us, especially Matt. Today, I was finally onto organizing all the pre-loved cloth diapers and liners/inserts I was given. After a FULL day on Friday of stripping them, bleach soak and washing them a few times, they are all set and ready to go! Matt spray painted these spice racks this morning and they will be used to display the boys books! Thanks to Pinterest for that idea! ;)

Things are really coming together and I'm starting to feel so accomplished, but yet still feel like there is more to do! Isn't there always?