Cove Island

Melanie and Jeff: Stamford, CT Engagement Photographer

I was happy to hear from Melanie when she emailed me asking to be her wedding photographer! I have known her since nursery school and she lived up the street from me growing up. Her and Jeff use to live in Philadelphia, but now currently reside in Stamford, Connecticut, which is where they wanted their engagement photos. So a few weeks ago, I traveled up there for the first time. We started their session in downtown Stamford, then drove to Cove Island, a beautiful park and beach they enjoy going to. It was a gorgeous day and a great time catching up with Mel on life and meeting Jeff!

Melanie and Jeff first met back in 2012, as friends, through one of their groomsmen who also happened to be Melanie's co-worker at the time, but it wasn't their time to connect yet.  Fast forward to 2017 to their first date at Barcelona Bar in Philadelphia.  While leaving, Melanie missed a step and fell out of the restaurant where luckily Jeff caught her in his arms.  That's where she's been ever since!

Can’t wait for their Philly wedding in March!