Jess + John at The Hopewell Furnace

Jess and John are such a laid back couple and you can tell John just adores Jess. Towards the end of the session, I wanted to photograph them in this little field with the sun behind them. It wasn't happening! Let's just say the nat's were very attracted to John and his hair!! Candid photos at the end for proof! Can't wait for their wedding in June! Jess + John ENGAGED-1Jess + John ENGAGED-5Jess + John ENGAGED-8Jess + John ENGAGED-9Jess + John ENGAGED-10Jess + John ENGAGED-12Jess + John ENGAGED-16Jess + John ENGAGED-17Jess + John ENGAGED-23Jess + John ENGAGED-25Jess + John ENGAGED-28Jess + John ENGAGED-29Jess + John ENGAGED-30Jess + John ENGAGED-33Jess + John ENGAGED-34Jess + John ENGAGED-36Jess + John ENGAGED-41Jess + John ENGAGED-48Jess + John ENGAGED-52Jess + John ENGAGED-54Jess + John ENGAGED-57Jess + John ENGAGED-61Jess + John ENGAGED-64Jess + John ENGAGED-66Jess + John ENGAGED-71Jess + John ENGAGED-75Jess + John ENGAGED-77Jess + John ENGAGED-80