52 Week Project - Week 4/52

So on Saturday, January 23rd, I had a wedding in the books, but plans were changed when the blizzard of 2016 decided to impact our area that day and change the date of the bride and grooms wedding. Thankfully, they were able to postpone their wedding to the next day and all was well and everything was beautiful! I want to thank my sweet husband for joining me on Sunday to assist me at the wedding. Being almost 26 weeks pregnant with twins and carrying heavy bags was not happening and let's just say, I was super sore at the end of the night and barely could walk! Matthew, you are a wonderful and caring husband to take care of me and spend your day with me on the job. You got to experience what a day of shooting/working a wedding is all about! Even if I don't say it often, I love you so incredibly much for everything you do for me. I love you with all of my heart.

Oh, and it was great to see the amazing DJ Perry Angelozzi!